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One of our specialities is to arrange local fishing trips via Denton Bridge for the keen angler or beginner alike. We can arrange reef fishing in the sea for various species or we can arrange a boat to take you up the river estuary to try and catch the mighty Tarpon which grows in excess of 300lbs (136kilos) These are very elusive but the Tarpon in Gambia are some of the biggest in the world so a fish of a lifetime is on the cards here.
We can organise trips to the 180 acre Abuko Nature Reserve where you can find crocodiles snakes monkeys birds hyenas and many others species. There is also a snake farm, horse riding, camel rides, golf, cycling, boat trips to name a few. Up river is historical James Island (Kunta Kinteh Island) and is well worth a visit.
There are also many white beaches including the beautiful Paradise Beach. The best shopping can be found at Serekunda market.
The local beer is brewed in Banjul and aptly named Julbrew and is very popular served cold. Most popular spirits and cocktails are widely available at the many bars and restaurants. Seafood is a speciality here as it is abundant in the sea and caught fresh for the table. Another favourite local dish is Domoda which is meat in a peanut sauce. A lazy way to spend the day would be a trip up the creek from Denton Bridge on a colourful pirogue equipped with bar and restaurant.
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